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Saturday, May 10, 2003
Thank you for the compliment, cuz she is a classy lady.

As for me. . . what am I doing here? Well, it's a funny thing. . . . See, I starting hanging around with this redneck and, well. . . I've just spiraled downwards since I met up with you, haven't I? Once a lady of class, now a redneck wife.

You and Bogie've got a lot in common you know. . . taking perfectly respectable, classy, younger women and, well, roughing them up a little. And I don't think either one of us has ever complained. I know I haven't. . . .

Friday, May 09, 2003
Well, I don't think you have to worry about Bogie's widow messing about with an old scruff like me. She is almost as much a lady of class as you are... saaaaaaay... what's a classy lady like you doing in a place like this?
Tuesday, May 06, 2003
To true. It's about sleepy time. Of course, I don't have to work, being a kept woman, but you do so. . . Run off to bed, Stoney, as if Lauren Bacall were hobbling after you.
Urgh, it's late. G'Nite, O Love.
Speaking of the Ents, I'd dig to be a Entwife. Now there's a vocation after my own heart!
Granted there are some benefits to being Saruman, not the least of which is Isengard, however. . . it's a moot point now thanks to the Entmoot.

I have, of course, already discussed that the Uruk-hai are the coolest smash/crash/kill fellers out there, but if I were to be another evil, I'd be The One Ring. I mean, come on. . . how cool is that? Talk about being The Boss. The Ring is The Boss. No doubt. Everybody wants you, kills to get you, thinks they are the badest cause they have you, you excercise this incredible mind control over every creature. . . Yeah. . . If I'm not smashing up humans, elfs and hobbits as an Uruk-hai, I'll be The Ring.

*L* You're right, there prolly isn't another couple anywhere having this discussion.

Now, as for Bad Guys ... it'd have to be Saruman, book and movie. Now, to be called a 'Dark Rider' is admittedly VERY cool, but I'm balking at the whole Undead thing, and who would choose to be a slave, a minion of an evil wizard?

Yep, Saruman. He lives forever, gets to be pretty much his own boss, has a nice estate (paid for) and lots of cool abilities. (Note to self -- don't piss off the trees.)
Still laughing about the Nantahala thing. . .and yes, people, Stoney was there!

Okay *catching breath* I'll concede your point about Boromir being a bit spoilt by being his Daddy's darling and the pride of his country. Strider didn't exactly "come up hard", though honey, I mean, he's got a pretty good background, too. But, he's man enough to choose to go out and be a big, bad Ranger with a capital
R and make the Middle Earth safe for monarchy again, so. . . Yeah, he's cooler than Boromir. But, you gotta remember, part of his reason for being able to be cooler is that, unlike Boromir, he's not "only human", he's part elf, 'member.

Oh, the Council for the Nerdy just called. We've been nominated for Couple of the Year. Woohooh, go us!
can make no reply as I am trying to catch my breath. . . one day, baby, you're gonna kill me by making me laugh to death
Sheesh, what IS taking you so long? Are you writin' a dissertation, Stoney?
Anyway, Boromir.

Now, here's the thing about Boromir. Yes, he's a fine swordsman, and his family is powerful, and he is regarded as the Champion of Gondor. He's a warrior of some repute, and he has been around. But he's always been privileged... when he slept by a fire, it was with fifty or a hundred or an army of people around. It wasn't long until he was back in the city to boast of the exploit and show off the trophies.

Strider, on the other hand, has been dirty and slept in the woods and knows what it's like to be all alone when the wolves howl... and I'm talking big-ass Mirkwood wolves, not tame little Rohanese wolves. He's been there and lived, but not to boast, just to reflect back and spit likker into the fire and whisper, "Don't tell me about the Nanatahala, I was there." and let the chips fall where they may, while women worth having feel their breath catch and their bellies flutter.

Aragorn could kick Boromir's ass on Tuesdays and Saturdays, even keeping up his schedule with Legolas.
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. I see *she said blindly*
Because any girls at the Prancing Pony, or down at the Crown and Stork, or even the Choke and Puke would have to be closer to an age to admire Strider's look of experience.
And that has to do with. . . . ???????????????
I am assuming that the legal drinking age in Middle Earth is one-and-twenty.
Well *snorting with laughter* there are many points that I can not dispute in your logistical argument. However, you are incorrect to suppose that Aragorn would get all the girls. Any one of them between the ages of 12 and 19 and a half would give their milk teeth for a chance at Legolas. Older, more mature women (30 or so, like me) would be the ones to appreciate the Strider image. I mean, after all, he's almost a pirate!
Okay... let's examine this logically. (And fully realizing how it looks to say that on this subject. Well, maybe not fully.) Legolas is able to walk on top of the snow and never gets dirty, and he is immortal. He never has a hair out of place, and can speak Elvish like a native, and knows all sorts of secrets about nature and caves and stuff. He probably has forgotten more history than Aragorn has ever heard.

On the other hand, Strider can kick Legolas' ass every day of the week and three times on Monday. Strider has neither shaved nor bathed since Michelmas... and if he and Legolas were to show up in the Prancing Pony together, Strider would have the girls lined up.

Strider is still the coolest.
By the way, am I the only living female of this species that did not go ga-ga over the males of the Fellowship? Now, if I was still in college, I'd've been diggin' Boromir, because at that time, I'd seen nearly every episode of Sharpe's this-that-and-the-other and thought that Sean Bean was the fleas knees.
But, as for Legolas. . . well, to be able to walk ON the snow, and not in it. . . That, in and of itself is like some kind of super power, you know?!
*blatantly ignores him and skips on to the Goldberry bit* Thanks, cuz I think you're complementing me. *G* Tom Bombadil sure digs her, and you sure dig me, too, so. . . *G*

Hmmm. . . I have no response to the Strider bit. I have been shown the error of my ways, O Great King Stoney. *G*

Oh, you mean a fantasy book! Yes, of course.
Goldberry is described as being very beautiful, and devoted to her man, and also as being the real power in the house. (As I recall, anyway.) So, she is a good choice for you. *G*
I forgot to mention Legolas ... we all know how I am about the bow. But, again, there's a departure... the movie Legolas is a much better bowman than the literary bowman.
I agree, he can't stay Strider forever, but then, everybody gets old. And after spending fifty years as Strider, it'd be nice to rest by the fire with my lovely bride and be King. Duh!
Okay, I can see that, but I just didn't think you'd really go for the being King and married to an elf thing, cuz he can't stay Strider always, you know. But, yeah, you're right that he's WAY cooler in the book. I like the idea of a Ranger. Rower. And I can picture you as a Ranger, too. Double rower.

What did you think about my
Goldberry choice?

Now, if I were to be a bad guy, I guess it'd have to be a
Uruk-hai. *gives a bloodcurdling war-cry* Or the one Tolkien left out--the wicked all-powerful woman faerie/elf/goddess character. How, I ask you, how can you have a really decent fantasy without one of them?
You're right, in that Strider is way cool in the movies. But then, consider Strider/Aragorn in the books.
The literary Strider is a Ranger, which is cool. Gandalf says that there are many roads that only Strider has walked, and that he is a lot older than he seems. Plus, he is a descendant of kings without wearing lacy drawers.
Boromir is pretty darned cool, what with all his prowess with weapons, but he is all pale and wan beside Strider.
And when he and Legolas and Gimli were running after the Uruk-hai, did you notice how in the movie they were all tired and out of breath, and ran like they were heading for a roadside toilet, while in the book they were stoic and never paused? Tough as a knotty oak.
So, even if we are talking books, it's still got to be Strider, cause the book Aragorn is about a billion times cooler than the movie Aragorn.

Hey Stoney! I've gotta question. . . .

This may not be the most original question, but I'm curious. . . From the Lord of the Rings trilogy (think the books, Stoney, not the movies seen), who would you most like to be. I'd most like to be
Goldberry. I just think she is so neat and obviously awe-inspiring, too. I mean she's woman and elf and nature and all kinds of good and cool things rolled up together. Yup, that's who I'd be.

Funny, how the movie version decision is totally different for me. I'd want to be Arwen if I were being a character from the movie. She's very brave and cool. A lot different from the Arwen in the book, of course. . . she was a lot more regal and elvish than the movie one.

Now, I know that, if it were the movies we're basing this decision upon, you'd want to be the
Strider-side of Aragorn. But, choosing from the book, what do you say?
Sunday, May 04, 2003
At least John Lennon will always be young, cool and sexy. . . *mutters "Lauren Bacall my eyeball" and "Pffffffft" yet again*

Killer Diller, baby, for the mapage! Woah! Think we could buy a copy somewhere? It would look good in the hall, don't you think. There's no wall space in the living room now, is there, thanks to our 6 foot Abbey Road poster and nearly as large heraldry poster. But, I'd make room somewhere for a Killer Diller Middle Earth map. Say, maybe in the bedroom?

As for the ants. . . I'd rather not consider them, thankyouverymuch, as I'm suffering from a severe case of antophobia at present.
I'm having a tough time coming up with an answer to John Lennon. I might just whisper "Lauren Bacall" under my breath and smile a secret smile.

"Hey! I just found a really cool Middle Earth map!! " he said, subjectchangingly. "And there's lots more out there if you search! Consider the ant, thou sluggard!"
Pffffffffffffffft in your general direction for last night's remark. Pfffffffffft. And again I say Pffffffffffffft.

(Of course, had it been John Lennon. . . . . )

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